News Search And The Industry

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This blog entry encounters my experience with different news searching tools and how they can be applied to find relevant information pertaining to U.S. Based Online Brokers.

Tools to be Analyzed


Google has by far the most useful tools for searching current and past news articles. Google even has a tool, Google Timeline, that links these articles together.

Google News


Google's general news search is quite helpful when looking for information pertaining U.S. Based Online Brokerage Firms. Google's news search has options that allow you to filter by:

* Past hour
* Past day
* Past week
* Past month

Why I like This Tool and What I Use It For

During the day when the market it open, the past hour filter is extremely useful as you can use it to help monitor the stocks of these companies and the news that is being released by these companies. Additionally, instead of having your results being searched by relevance you can have them ranked by time so that you know what the most recent story is. The news search also has the ability to search articles past one day, one week and one month, but I will explain how Google's other News tool do a much better job of searching through past articles.

The next tool I will talk about is Google News Archive.


Google News Archive

This tool is a relatively new tool that Google has released and really helped me find information i needed regarding my topic.

Why I like This Tool and What I Use It For

Google News Archive is the perfect way to find articles regarding past events or historical relevant information. To better understand the U.S. online brokerage firms I wanted to read online how the industry was doing a few years back when the economy was thriving. It really is an unbelievable tool. The best part is that it shows you a chart regarding when there were a lot of articles about your specified topic. This really can help you hone in a time period when there was a lot of "action" occurring in this specific industry. This tool is extremely useful it contains almost all news article for the past few centuries.


Google Timeline

Why I like This Tool and What I Use It For

This tool has by far the most power out of all the tools that Google has created for news search. Google Timeline allows you to visually see different articles through a specified time period. You can even choose the duration of how the articles are shown. You can choose between:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Decade

This tool is really incredible and there is nothing you can compare it to. The best is that you can choose what sources Google uses and you can manipulate the type of results that you receive. This tool allows you follow a certain news article and see how it changes over time. Additionally, it allows you to look at the bigger picture instead of just focusing on one news article.



Why I like This Tool and What I Use It For

Jamesoo is a great way to aggregate relevant information. When you search on Jamesoo, a custom newspaper is compiled for you. The newspaper contains relevant information to the query during the last seven days with headlines and images. This tools is useful as it allows you to easily scan articles find what you are looking for. The design for this tool is remarkable. Surprisingly its algorithm works in a flawless manner and produces excellent results besides for just being visually pleasing.

So What?

These tools are a great resource for my project so far. I was able to track information in an organized manner and really was able to find it in and easy manner. However, I can not say that one of these tools is more useful than the other because each one of them has its own benefits. I highly suggest and reccomend using these tools and using them together. However, and "hypothetically speaking" if you only had time for one tool go for "Google Timeline". Its Golden and won't let you down!

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