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Few Things to Point Out

Overall Site and Tabs

I tried to create a very simple yet sleek site as to be informative but not too crazy with its design. I took away the side bar as i thought it was a bit too distracting and really focused on making a easily browsable site. There fore i only create 6 tabs each with a specific purpose:

  • Home: This tab was meant for the user to easily navigate back to the home page. There are many ways to do this but none that explicitly state this action so i decided to make one. I think while this is a simple tab it allows the user to know exactly where he is in terms of the site.
  • Tutorial: Again, this is a key page on the site and i want to make sure that the analyst knows exactly where it is. This allows for quick access without being confused. It also allows the user to quickly reference the tutorial page.
  • Online Brokers: This tab contains all information regarding this industry. It contains:
  1. Background Information
  2. Current News and Events
  3. Information about the top 10 firms in the industry
  • Resource Evaluations: This tab is an easy reference to all of my evaluations
  • Personal: Contains my Blogs and all information about me

Site Step by Step

The purpose of this section is to guide you through each section and tell you about the important aspects of the site. Just a quick not to make the site more dynamic and less static i have tabs on most pages that the user and transfer between. I really enjoyed this tool and used it on most pages where i was either directly comparing something or just wanted to make an easy transfer of information.

Current Events

So to highlight some important feature i want to draw you attention to the Current Events page. This was the page that i really tried to organize well and use all the information i learned in class. In the first tab called "Monthly Updates" I used a few things. Within this tab I created a Monthly News Template in which i could easily create Monthly News Updates as well as a module that allows the user to see the monthly updates every time they are added. Please be sure to click on these monthly updates and see how the pages are interlinked.

Now for the other 2 tabs. For the current news and current blogs tabs on the same page, i created 2 really cool modules that list articles that are updated daily by RSS feeds. Therefore, each day new news articles are brought in and the page is updated. It took me a while to understand how to put in multiple feeds and for the articles to come out nicely. If you look at the current blogs tab, you can even see that the RSS feed brings up videos from Youtube which i thought was really cool. I didn't think that it would work like that.


I really focused on making sure that my evaluation were simple and easily understandable. By giving examples and showing my queries i hope that the analyst can easily access each tool and try it to see if he could reproduce the type of results that i got. I again used the tabs feature as i think it allows the user to dynamically change between sources within a given category.

Most of the other pages are static pages as they just have information but i only put information that i thought was relevant to the user. The one other thing that i think might be useful is the CSE feature. I tried really hard to try and make it look better and so that it didnt take up the whole page but every time i did that i ended up messing up something so i just left it alone.

Wikidot Tools I Used

Just to name the wikidot tools that i used that i really like:

  • Tables
  • Integrating Modules with RSS Feeds
  • List Pages Modules
  • Templates - (This should be emphasized next semester has it really allows you to be more efficient and consistent)
  • Tabs Feature - Allows for quick referencing and comparison
  • CSS - Messed around with CSS but honestly it really just makes it more difficult to understand content since its more code

Things to Note

One thing that i really did not like about wikidot is that it does not capitalize the letter "i" when it is written. I personally have become accustomed to it and it really got me pissed off sometimes as its hard to find the i's and capitalize them.

Lastly before i conclude, i just wanted to say that the wikidot community is a great resource and can really help anyone with any problems and i think we should participate in it somehow so people can learn more wikidot tools.


I really enjoyed the class and hope that this wiki is an effective one. I worked hard in this class and hope that my work has shown my interest and dedication to this class. Let me know if there is anything i can explain on this site.

Thanks for everything,

Leore Avidar

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