Blog Search

Blog Searches are probably the most relevant and useful source you will be using for this industry. It is important to find out what people are saying regarding the usability of the sites and to read testimonials about their experience with these firms. This is also a quick way of finding out what people think of new tools released by the companies.

Name: Google Blog Search
Frequency: 3+ visits per day
Information: Google's Blog Search is an extremely powerful and useful tool. Using simple and advanced search syntax you can find an answer to your query with great precision.
Query: Online Stock Brokers
Evaluation: I really liked this tool. It helped me find a really good blog called Online Stock Brokers which basically has daily updates about the industry. I have added this blog to the blog current events and find it really useful. Google Blog Search returned great results and is helpful for finding what others are saying about online brokers. I would give this blog search a rating of 8 of 10.
Miscellaneous: Google Blog Search has great advanced features. Make sure to use them to your advantage.

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