Image Search

You might not think that image search is particularly relevant to Online Brokers but understanding UI's of each of this firms is very important. Here are the image searches to use when trying to find pictures of the tools and UI's of each brokerage firm. Please not that in order to find precise results make sure to use the mainstream image search sites as other sites will have entertaining sites but will have no screen shots regarding the "content" you are looking for.

Name: Google Images
Frequency: 5+ visits per day
Information: Google's Image Search is an extremely powerful and useful tool. Using Google's simple and advanced search syntax you can find pictures to most things you are looking for.
Query: E-trade Screenshots
Evaluation: Google by far has the simplest image search tools that allows for precise results. The other tools I used to search for screen shots were either to complicated to did not produce the types of results I was looking for.
Miscellaneous: Google Image Search has great advanced features. Make sure to use the features such as searching by:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Color
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