November Monthly Updates

Monthly Summary: As companies deal with earning related issues, most companies are trying hard to win back the support of their customers by offering new tools at their disposal. Most of these articles talk about newly released articles. At the same time, smaller online companies who were not able to completely handle the recession are trying to restructure their companies or are in the process of being bought out. Below are this months main articles.

Date Article Title
11/2/09 E*Trade Pulls Long-Pending Application For TARP Aid
11/6/09 UPDATE 1-Charles Schwab expects 28 pct jump in fee waivers
11/16/09 Online Broker trade MONSTER Introduces tradeLAB™, “Visualization Analysis” Redefines the Trader Toolbox
11/20/09 Fidelity Begins Tool for ‘Breakaway Brokers’
11/23/09 The Clark Financial Group Ends Association With brokersXpress
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