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Name: Google Timeline
Frequency: 15+ visits per day
Information: Google Timeline is an extremely powerful and useful tool. It allows you to see the bigger picture regarding news stories while at the same time being able to see the micro picture too.
Query: I searched: Online brokers. Google Timeline does not have a way to save queries.
Evaluation: This tool is the best tool for searching for news. When i search [online broker] i got these stories:

The results that were produced were extremely relevant and useful. Google Timeline is definitely the best news search out there. Google Timeline shows you how a certain topic has progressed throughout the week, it really helps you understand the complete big picture. Google Timeline has brought a new perspective to the meaning of News it really isn't just about reading articles but about understand how issues affect things. This tool gets 11 out 10 as it did more than expected.

Miscellaneous: Use this tool to you advantage it is capable of changing your understanding of issues and giving you a deeper background.

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