Getting Up to Speed

The U.S. Based Online Brokerage Firm Industry is an extremely dynamic and fast moving industry. Because of this it is important to stay up to date with new firms and news pertaining to these firms. This wiki allows you to do all of this.

Where to Start

First off your at the right place. The tutorial is the first place where you can begin understanding this wiki and all the tools associated with it. To begin, I highly suggest looking at the Current News and Updates Section and reading up on the current industry situation by reading news and blog articles that are updated daily from RSS feeds. Additionally, read up on the monthly news updates for the past 3 months as their has been a dramatic affect due to the recent recession. Once you start getting familiar with the site, i suggest you go to Google Reader, create an account, and begin setting up your own RSS Feeds. A good place to search for RSS feed is through technorati or by searching Google Blog Search

Finding New Tools

New and better tools come and go and you will find some that are better than others. However, to start i suggest sticking to the ones that you are comfortable with and slowly branching out to newer and more complicated ones. When looking into new sites, make sure to read about advances and unique features as those change between sites and are what make them truly unique. As always, if you have no where to go i highly recommend searching Addict-O-Matic as it truly encompasses everything. From there you will be able to find more guidance.

Custom Search

The Custom Search Engine was specifically made to help you find relevant information regarding the U.S. Based Brokerage Firms. I highly suggest you use it, it also has many credible sources listed on the buttom]

Good luck, its a tough job being an Analyst in this industry. Email me at ude.hcimu|radivab#ude.hcimu|radivab if there is anyway i can assist you.

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